5 Advantages of Herbal Supplements over Prescription Drugs

We’ve all heard talk in recent years about how when you go to the doctor, they’re always so quick to write a prescription. Whether it’s for a sinus infection, depression, or any ailment under the sun, you can expect to receive a prescription drug to provide relief. For some, however, a prescription drug may not always be appealing (i.e. ingest another chemical). For those looking for alternative, natural forms of medicine, here are 5 big advantages of herbal supplements:

  1. Cannabidiol (CBD), an Herbal Supplement, doesn’t have any known side effects of significance. Prescription Drugs, on the other hand, are intended to mask symptoms and always seem to come with a long list of side effects. I’m not suggesting that CBD will mask or treat your ailments; I’m simply stating that it may be worth a try as an alternative to what you have traditionally done. There is a wealth of information out there as to the benefits, primarily with websites such as The only real way to determine whether or not CBD is right for you is by trying it for yourself and from there beginning the task of figuring out just how much is right for you. We can’t exactly recommend how much an individual should take, but I do always suggest starting very small and seeing for yourself what the benefits may be. By small, I mean start by ordering the smallest product offered in terms of mg of CBD per serving, such as encapsulated or tincture form. From there you can gradually decide which amount works best for you.
  2. You don’t have to seek a medical professional in order to determine whether or not you would like to incorporate CBD into your diet, as you have the privilege of ordering CBD online or directly from distributors in storefronts popping up all over the country carrying Industrial Hemp products. It is, however, advisable to speak with one regarding how CBD could possibly interact with any medication you are currently taking or to simply hear the opinion of someone from the medical field regarding the ingestion of herbal supplements in general.
  3. In my opinion, herbal supplements such as CBD tend to be less expensive than prescription drugs. One example of an alternative to prescription drugs, would be using CBD in vape form as a method for nicotine cessation. You can spend money visiting a doctor, getting prescribed to a pharmaceutical that is supposed to make you not want to smoke cigarettes anymore or you can try vaping CBD. I’m not saying one way works better than the other but it may be cheaper and worth a try. Of course, you may already vape nicotine, this could be a way to vape less nicotine and substituting it with something that isn’t viewed as containing toxic properties. Vaping in general is viewed as controversial with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin commonly used to aid in vapor creation, although it is well known without a doubt as to how harmful it is to smoke cigarettes.
  4. It is well known how much people love their pets. Many will spend a small fortune taking their animals to the vet, doing all they can for them. For some these costs can be rather unaffordable. It is becoming more and more common for pet owners to give CBD to their pets for a wide array of reasons. I won’t go into these reasons but a quick internet search will reveal what I’m referring to. I’m only suggesting an alternative that may provide benefits to your pet and potentially save some money.
  5. CBD has been shown to act on our Endocannabinoid Receptors in a positive way, hence the enormous increase in its consumption by humans and animals alike. Prescription drugs act on different receptors as they don’t contain cannabinoids. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, only that prescription drugs all contain side effects. CBD doesn’t contain these side effects and to this day there has never been a proven, cannabis-induced fatality.

I truly hope this inspires others to seek alternatives for themselves and to question some of the norms still in place for our ever changing society. I believe that those paying attention to these trends have a keen awareness as to where we are heading as a society on subjects such as CBD, Industrial Hemp, Cannabis in general, as the good has been so clearly outweighing the bad. Only large groups that are a part of an ever dwindling power structure in this country may think or feel otherwise.

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