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Benefits of Cannabinoids for Pets and Vets

It is becoming increasingly popular for pet owners to give cannabinoids to their pets. This is also the case with veterinarians doing the same for the animals brought in to be seen by them daily. Horse breeders, trainers and owners, for example, seek out Hemp supplements for their perceived therapeutic benefits regarding anxiety, seizures and inflammation, not to mention overall general wellness!

Pet owners tend to have the desire to do just about anything to increase the wellbeing of their furry, four-legged friends. What better way then to try doing so with Hemp products from Hemp Direct? After all, Hemp used as a supplement, doesn’t have any known side effects. It shouldn’t take long to determine whether or not it is right for your pet by simply giving one of our products a try. Our Hemp infused coconut capsules come in convenient 10, 25, and 50mg increments. These little pills can be placed in a bowl right alongside the food you normally give your pet once or twice a day. Our dogs gobble it right up without noticing and have never seemed happier! For a while, our Golden Retriever, Jillie, had to take inflammation pills twice a day. We substituted a 10mg Hemp capsule once a day, she seems to be doing better than ever.

To clarify, I don’t claim to be a veterinarian or to even understand a whole lot about animals in general. However, I do see the positive aspects of using Hemp supplements as an alternative. Once again, this is because Hemp doesn’t contain a long list of side effects. If Hemp does the trick, then the problem is potentially solved. Of course, to err on the safe side, you can always speak with your vet regarding giving your pet Hemp products before doing so. It should become more and more common to see vets onboard with administering alternative supplements such as these.

If your pet is a finicky eater, another product we carry comes in the form of a Tincture containing either 500, 1000, or 2500mg of full spectrum cannabinoids. The convenient dropper allows you to apply it directly into your pet’s mouth. The taste isn’t overwhelming and if that doesn’t work you can either add the tincture to your pets water bowl or potentially mix it into their food. They should hardly notice it in wet cat food for example as I’m sure you’ve noticed how strong this type of food already smells. Our Tincture products contain Hemp infused in MCT Coconut oil, making it a mild tasting way of getting your full spectrum cannabinoids. I encourage you to give our products a try. I’m sure your pets will thank you!

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  1. After buying from various CBD companies I have found superior products and customer service with CBD Direct. Five stars all around.

    -Rani D

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