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Drug Testing and CBD

IS IT POSSIBLE TO FAIL A DRUG TEST WHILE TAKING CBD PRODUCTS REGULARLY? That is certainly a question being asked more and more often these days. The short answer is yes,

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Is CBD Hemp Oil a Drug?

Let us quickly end the suspense: Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike Marijuana (THC), does not intoxicate or produce a “high”. All mammals have Cannabinoid Receptors that respond to products containing cannabinoids.

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How Much is 1000mg of CBD?

Here at Hemp Direct, our best seller far and away is our 1000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture. The Price Point on this product is a huge driver, not to mention Free

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Have Skin Ailments? Give Topical Cannabidiol a Try

The sale of beauty products is a global multi-billion dollar industry, where many drug stores stock their shelves with chemical additive and synthetic solutions. Hemp-derived CBD oils, however, are an all-natural alternative to using

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Live a Blue-Zone Life with CBD

Its true, there are places in the world where people tend to live much longer, and  are considered to be some of the healthiest places on the planet. These places

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