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DIY CBD Extraction – Make CBD Hemp Oil At Home


If you’ve read our previous DIY articles, How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice and Cooking With CBD, you’ll know that here at Hemp Direct we love experimenting with all facets of CBD and giving helpful tips to our customers and Blog readers. In the following article we’ll explain how you too can extract CBD by yourself, using a variety of household items and items purchased in a store or online. Fairly new to CBD? Be sure to check out our extensive FAQ as well.

What you will need:

  1. Two Glass Canning Jars with lids. Rule of thumb – if you start with a quart size you will typically finish with a pint size. Note you can even adjust the amount of flower used and the size of your glass jars accordingly while still following this recipe.
  2. Enough High CBD Flower to fill the quart size jar.
  3. Everclear (yes, that Everclear, the grain alcohol), enough to cover flower in a quart size jar.
  4. Candle Warmer (These come with a power cord and can be found online and in many stores such as Walmart).
  5. Metal Strainer to press Everclear out of a soaked flower back into a jar
  6. Rubber gloves may come in handy for squeezing liquid out of the buds as well.

The Process:

  1. Fill a clean, empty quart sized glass jar with High CBD Flower fairly close to the top leaving about an inch of head space.
  2. Cover the flower with Everclear while still leaving about an inch of head space.
  3. Place lid securely onto glass jar (If using an improvised jar or bottle, place Saran Wrap over jar then place lid over it to keep Everclear from leaking out).
  4. Shake jar vigorously for roughly 10 minutes (grab a friend or 2 to take turns :)).
  5. Strain flower out of the jar – you can wear rubber gloves to really squeeze the liquid out – while aiming to get all liquid out of the flower and the remaining strained liquid out of quart jar and into the pint sized jar ideally. Once done, you can discard the spent flower.
  6. Place liquid filled pint jar without a lid onto the plugged in candle warmer located in a safe and clean space. Simply leave this liquid solution heating on the candle warmer for a day or more until all Everclear has been evaporated off. In the end, you’re left with a small, sludgy amount of Full-Spectrum High CBD Extract, compared to the amount of liquid you started with.

The yield is typically somewhere around a few grams or mL’s of extract. This can be used in a variety of ways, as there are endless recipes easily found online to help with this. Determining the amount of CBD present can be calculated without too much difficulty as follows: if you know the amount of flower you started with (in grams) and know the percentage of CBD said to exist for the strain (variety) used, then plug the numbers in like this: if you started with 30 grams of a 15% CBD variety, you should have around 150mg CBD per gram or 4500mg total of CBD, 30×150=4500.

From here you can measure (weigh with a digital scale that weighs in grams) the weight of your finished extract. In the prior example, if you ended up with 5 grams of extract, you should have roughly 900mg of CBD per gram or mL, grams and mL’s are close to equal. A gram is equal to 1000mg and a mL is equal to 1000mg. For a frame of reference, our top-selling 1,000mg CBD Tincture bottles are 30mL in size.

This isn’t exactly a precise science and the numbers you come up with could be a little off when compared to the results of an actual CBD Extraction Facility. It will get you close enough for any recipe calculations with the added benefit of purchasing flower to make your own extract tends to be less expensive than the purchasing of finished CBD Products.

Another aspect to factor in is that we have tried to simplify this process as much as possible in order to make it easy to follow. If you’d like to carry out this process in a more advanced way, you could decarboxylate the CBD with a standard kitchen oven, a cookie sheet and some aluminum foil. This process of decarboxylation, unlike the extraction process itself, converts CBD-A into CBD. Taking your extract made from the instructions above and cooking with it in a recipe will also convert your CBD-A into CBD but perhaps not as efficiently. If you to decarboxylate your buds prior to extracting, then follow the steps to extract, you’re going to finish with an activated CBD that can be used without the need for a recipe requiring heat. Decarboxylated extract can be used as is or it can be added to food or drinks, whatever other creative uses you can come up with, basically however you prefer to take your CBD.

To decarboxylate, fill a quart jar with flower to determine how much you’ll need for the Everclear extraction, then pour bud onto a cookie sheet. You can crumble the bud up a bit but you don’t want it too fine like a powder, then cover it with aluminum foil. Bake your Cannabis around 250 degrees F for 25-30 minutes. The color of your flower should change from green to light brown, and if not you can bake for another 5-10 minutes but not longer as overdoing it can begin to degrade and destroy your CBD content. After this is complete, you can then place decarboxylated bud into your quart sized jar and begin following the steps laid out above for home extraction.

Once again, this is intended as a way for the DIYer to experiment at home with extracting. You can try this and figure out what it costs when doing so versus purchasing CBD Products that are already finished, like ours. As you know we are big proponents of healthy living and alternative medicine, so most important to us is your health and well being 🙂

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or have tried it and want to tell us the results! Happy Extracting!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to try this out this week! Instructions are pretty straight forward!


  2. I am so glad I found this article. I had considered making some stuff at home, since I too love experimenting. It really helps to know what’s involved in the process, as well as the fact I will need someone to help me. Thanks for being very informative and honest.

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