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Drug Testing and CBD


That is certainly a question being asked more and more often these days. The short answer is yes, it is possible. Of course, there is a much more complicated answer – we’ll do our best to elaborate. If you haven’t read our previous post in this series, examining the legality of CBD and whether it is classified as a drug, we encourage you to do so as well, as it also help shed light on this question.

There are many CBD product lines out there and they can vary wildly in terms of CBD content (mg) as well as the overall Cannabinoid Profile, meaning many cannabinoids are present including CBD, CBC, THC, CBG, CBN, etc… in a Full Spectrum Product or there are Isolate Products which contain CBD only and zero additional cannabinoids. Both Full Spectrum and Isolate Products already come in Tincture form, Capsules, Salves, Lotions, Transdermal Patches; every time you look around, new products and ideas seem to be coming out as well.

Full Spectrum Products are the ones that typically increase the likelihood for someone to fail a drug test. This is mostly because of the trace amounts of THC (0.3%) or less, which by definition makes the product legal, Hemp is defined as 0.3% THC content or less. This trace amount doesn’t seem like much and in most cases it isn’t enough to cause a false positive, however how one human accumulates THC can vary from person to person and there have been reports of people at least claiming to have failed a drug test because they are taking CBD.

We have had customers tell us that they have disclosed to their employer that they are taking CBD and in some cases they have simply had to show receipts proving that they are taking them. As we understand, this has allowed some folks to bypass any employer action imposed by failed drug tests.

With that in mind, is it actually possible to pass a drug test while taking CBD? There is a potential solution – taking CBD in Isolate Form. Typical drug tests do not test for CBD but they are testing for THC and supposedly other cannabinoids can also cause false positives. We have not heard of any reports of someone failing a drug test while taking CBD Isolate. Our customers overwhelmingly prefer Full Spectrum CBD Products as they are looking for the perceived Entourage Effect in doing so. CBD Isolate does give an alternative to those overly concerned with the chance of failing a drug test.

In addition, it may be helpful to determine how stringent the drug testing is at one’s place of employment if possible. For example, drug tests like THC Level 1- mean a test is positive if the sample contains 18 nanograms of THC per mL of urine or more, THC Level 2- test is positive if the sample contains 50 nanograms of THC per mL of urine or more and THC Level 3- test is positive if the sample contains 150 nanograms of THC per mL of urine or more. My understanding of this is that it is easier to pass a Level 3 test versus a Level 1 because the Level 3 requires a higher amount of THC present to cause the test to be positive.

Generally speaking, I think it’s a good idea for the CBD consumer to be aware of the possibility of CBD Products to cause someone to fail a drug test but there is an alternative in using CBD Isolate Products and it shouldn’t hurt to ask your employer pertinent questions regarding drug testing and to disclose that you are taking CBD.

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  1. I go to a pain clinic and am tested occasionally Been using hemp direct 1000mg haven’t failed to this day

    -James Sides

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