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Fentanyl, the Opioid Epidemic, and Hope – How Does CBD Help?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and has resulted in many an overdose ever since it has come onto the national scene. The National Institute on Drug Abuse illustrates a disturbing trend of around 17,000 drug overdose deaths in 1999 to over 70,000 in 2017(!). When further analyzing the 70,000 incidents from 2017 even further, there are nearly 30,000 resulting directly from Fentanyl, along with a few other Synthetic Drugs. This is alarming to say the least; it appears more and more likely that it’s going to take major efforts on a national scale to begin reducing these numbers. To speculate as to what this would look like or what can be done most effectively is very difficult to ascertain. For starters, the need for education along with legislation recognizing the Opioid Epidemic for what it is seems to be glaringly obvious to the ordinary citizen. It isn’t something that can just be ignored, as awareness has become very mainstream. The time for action is now to end these avoidable overdoses, or at the very least reduce them drastically!

Opioid Addiction is about as challenging as it can get for someone suffering from the daily toll inflicted upon them as far as addictions go. Addicts are left in constant need of something that doesn’t even come close to bringing them anything of substance. Feelings of shame, depression, emptiness are common when not high, hence the constant search and desire for more, to once again mask the horrible feelings of worthlessness. To the outside observer, it is mind blowing to witness, a vicious cycle of going and getting nowhere. It can go on and on, lasting for years, with brief flashes of getting back on track, only to relapse, burning every bridge possible between friends and then moving on through family. A total lack of mindfulness to those the addict is surrounded by is prevalent. Loved ones doing all they can to make the affected see the light and explaining that daily life doesn’t have to be such a stressed and anxious struggle. It is most often blatantly obvious to everyone but the individual.

Ultimately, the addicted individual has to want to change. This is always most difficult, as we are after all creatures of habit. Early withdrawal symptoms normally ensue such as becoming very irritable and suffering from anxiety. Muscle aches and difficulty sleeping along with excessive sweating is also common. Later withdrawal symptoms like stomach cramping and pains, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting become typical as well. These symptoms can be excruciating but are rarely life threatening.

Where does CBD fit into all this you might ask? To begin with, CBD can interact with our body’s Endocannabinoid System. Pushing this even further, there are studies out there stating that CBD has a positive effect on opioid dependent individuals by making them crave opioids less and reducing the overall impact of withdrawal symptoms noticeably for many. Furthermore, another study went so far as to suggest that CBD seemed to deter individuals from relapsing for a prolonged period of time. This is in no way shape or form advocating that someone simply bypass the process of going through medical treatment to overcome their addiction; detox, may in fact, be a necessity. It is simply a suggestion to consider using CBD in addition to what your healthcare provider suggests. We’re inching closer and closer to a federal designation of whether CBD is a drug or not. I would also recommend disclosing that you are taking CBD to your provider.

My purpose or point in all of this is to display an option to enhance one’s ability to overcome opioid dependence, to hopefully break the vicious cycle of addiction, to provide some sort of reset. The keyword is hope and I am encouraged by the positive feedback we continue to receive from so many of our loyal customers for so many different reasons. Our customers legitimize our product this way and I won’t be surprised by similar responses from customers trying to overcome Opioids.

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  1. I have officially been off opiods for 4 months shy of 2 years now! All thanks to Medical Marijuana! Never been happier!

    -Tina Columbo

  2. I suffer from a lot of pain. I get physical therapy, Acupuncture and plenty of drugs. Since I have started taking 1000mg CBD morning and night and also from time to time gummies during the day I have been able to cut down on my other meds including the Norco I have lived on.

    -Denise W

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