How CBD Can Help Fitness Performance and Recovery

Amongst its many benefits, CBD is specifically said to be tremendous as a fitness booster and recovery potion, and some weight lifters, athletes, and fitness experts even swear by it.

Full spectrum cannabinoid hemp has been said to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery times for serious bodybuilders and fitness buffs alike. An easy approach is to take a 10mg or 25mg capsule of Hemp products once or twice a day prior to working out and even afterwards to determine for yourself if it makes a noticeable difference for you.

Of course there isn’t a “high” reported from consumers of CBD, however many have reported feeling better in general. Apparently, it isn’t inconceivable to have an overall feeling of wellness after taking your daily dose. I’ve had customers say that they certainly notice the days when they forget to take it.

Former New York Giants Lineman Leonard Marshall is an avid Hemp Oil User and advocate. In an interview with MMQB, Marshall talks about how the Oil helps him with headaches, calms him down, and even helps with mood swings and depression. 

Another benefit of taking Hemp products in general and for working out is that it seems to assist in regulating metabolism. If you are eating too much it is said to make you want to eat less, if you aren’t eating enough it is said to increase appetite. Of course, it goes without saying that herbal supplements have major advantages over prescription drugs.

I encourage you to add Hemp Supplements to your workout regimen and see for yourself how well they enhance your routine and improve your overall mental outlook in general regarding exercise. Hopefully, Hemp will make strenuous physical activity much more enjoyable!

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  1. I’ve been using full spectrum CBD after runs for about 3 months now and I fully believe it has made an extraordinary difference in recovery. My body feels so relaxed afterwards and my next day’s run is just as easy as the day before bc my legs and feet aren’t sore. I can definitely attest that there is something to CBD and fitness recovery!


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