Coronavirus and CBD

Is There A Connection Between Coronavirus And CBD

The world is in a state of uncertainty due to Covid-19. The virus has inserted itself into every corner of the globe affecting everyone’s life in a remarkably short period of time. Life as we know it has come to a halt as medical professionals search for treatments and a vaccine. For most, it is very hard to comprehend the ongoing battle with this virus as well as what exactly the future holds. One question that we are asking is, is there a connection between Coronavirus and CBD?

Can CBD Help?

There is a lot of talk about anti-virals, among other things being looked at to reduce the severity and duration of Coronavirus. It comes as a welcome surprise that Israeli Scientists have begun clinical trials to determine if Cannabis can provide results mitigating Covid-19. CBD has been touted anecdotally as having anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Severe cases of Coronavirus involves immune cells overreacting in the lungs in an extremely inflammatory way, often leading to death. This overreaction is referred to as Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS). Science is trying to come up with an effective treatment of some kind that can calm Cytokine Storm. CBD has been said to inhibit immune cell function because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn reduce the production of Cytokine. The anecdotal evidence of cannabinoids displaying immunomodulating capabilities, not just suppressing immune systems is something to consider. If the Endocannabinoid System can provide anti-inflammatory properties when conditions are normal, it may be possible that it can fight off infection under adverse conditions such as Covid-19 for example. 

Give It A Try

While we don’t know yet if there is a connection between Coronavirus and CBD, the overlying principle to keep in mind is that the use of CBD won’t harm someone wanting to incorporate it as a supplement for overall health and wellness. Furthermore, the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine (IACM), stated that although there isn’t currently any evidence of cannabinoids protecting against infection, there’s no evidence of cannabinoids increasing the risk of viral infection.

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