Terpene Infused Isolate

Terpene Infused Isolate


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The Hemp Barn collaborated with LA Refinery to infuse solvent free Cannabis derived terpenes with 0% THC, offering 1 gram of isolate slab with the aroma and taste you would experience from these strains. Lab results for both the terpene profile and the isolate are available under our Lab Results tab on the home page.

This is great for using in vape devices that you use for dab. wax, shatters, etc. Also great for those who make their own vape juice, so instead of adding a flavor you already have a specific terpene to enjoy! 

Current terpene descriptions:

True OG - OG Kush Phenotype - Indica - straight up gas/diesel

SFV OG- OG Kush Phenotype - Hybrid- strong notes of pine and lemon up front with a gas/diesel undertone

Gorilla Glue #4 - Chem's sister x Chocolate Diesel - Hybrid - strong notes of diesel with earthy/musky undertones

Super Glue - Northern Lights x Afghani - Hybrid - Kush/earthy notes up front with strong diesel/gas undertones

The White - lineage unknown - Skunky notes up front with pine and gas undertones




These varieties will be rotating so there is no guarantee a specific flavor will be in stock on a certain date.

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