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Our very own full spectrum (less than 0.3% THC) CBD Tincture offers a great way to experience the benefits of hemp. With 500mg per one ounce bottle, each serving delivers 16.7mg of full spectrum cannabinoids derived from 100% industrial hemp. Serving size is 1 dropper (1 ml) with 30 servings per bottle. Administer by dropping the desired amount under the tongue and allow to sit or 2-3 minutes for maximum absorption. DO NOT VAPE this tincture!

Reviews (9)


9 reviews for 500mg CBD Tincture

  1. Marlene Landseer

  2. Tisha Carr

  3. Desi

    After years of struggling with severe clinical and bipolar depression and a sudden onset of anxiety to top of the cocktail of despair last year, I knew I couldn’t go on like this any longer. But I am as anti pharma as it gets and it’s just out of question I’ll ever drop pills of any kind again. I found myself in a vicious cycle, crying every single day, angry, anxious and all the negative feelings you can think of, I knew the cycle needed to be broken and so I set out to research cbd oil after my in-laws started giving it to one of their dogs and saw improvement. The prices freaked me out and I thought I will never get better, even if cbd is the answer, because I can’t afford it in the long term. Then I found hemp-direct and I was surprised at their affordable prices and decided to give the 500 mg a go and even got a 10% off code which was great and seems to still be available now. The customer service is just incredible. Shipping is super fast and as for the product itself… well, I am a new person. I take only a few drops of it a day now 1-3 times daily (started off taking a dropper full 2-3 times a day) and it’s made such a difference I can’t live without it anymore. I have no need for all of the other “fancy” products out there with their cinnamon and lemon ingredients. The product I purchase here has saved my life. On the odd day I forget to take it, it becomes a problem. Cbd is not a cure but it’s a natural solution to “happy pills” and that is what I set out for.

  4. Mitzi Cole

    Your 500mg tincture works better than the 1000 and 2500mg CBD oils I’ve tried. Very pleased with your product.

  5. Paul Solimani

    We received Good service and information about this product. It works very well and is helping my wife greatly!

  6. Chris

    First off, this company is apparently very well run. The other night I sent an email asking a question. Within, 10-15 minutes I received a reply back with the answers to my questions. As for the product, I am very happy. I had tried a 250 MG from another company and it just wasn’t doing the trick. This however is about perfect! Thanks again Hemp-Direct!

  7. Mark Deininger

    It’s a good product. People were very helpful and knowledgeable of product. I’ll probably come back for more, for a while to come.

  8. Kristiina

    Their shipping is fast and the main thing, it helps our puppy with the seizures. We are down from every 3 weeks about 5-7 seizures in 24 hr span to every 6 months 2-3 seizures in 24 hrs. The search for help him to have a better life was real. He was on the heavy meds for few weeks and the side effects just took life out of him and thye didn’t really stop the seizures. We tried changing diet, herbs, vitamins etc Once we decided to do CBD, we never looked back. If someone else should stumble on this review here, and feels helpless as we did (because we did not even know how much to give etc), here are the details: German Shepard – 5yrs old, 80 lbs- we give him between 0.50-0.75 ml – twice a day. And the days he has seizures and few days after seizures we give him extra like 4-5 times more than usually. We started using CBD oil about 1 year and half ago (not this brand initally tho). I stuck with this brand because of the quick free shipping, quality product, right price and it being liquid. I used once coconut oil options and it was an hassle, because it being solid.

  9. KG

    I have often bought elsewhere that is heavy on the terpines, and I’m not a fan of the taste. So I was pleasantly surprised by your CBD! I shared it with my elder pitbull which is great for her and I. I’m here to get another bottle, but this time 1 for my dog and 1 for ME. ?

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Hemp and the numerous other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are known for their therapeutic benefits. All Hemp Direct products are produced following the guidelines set forth in both the 2018 Farm Act Section 7607, and Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill. The use of these cannabinoids in Hemp Direct products interact to enhance through synergy helping human bodies maintain health and overall wellness. Some of the benefits our user’s experience include a sense of calm, ability to focus, stress relief, ability to sleep, and aid in the recovery from inflammation. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Hemp Direct products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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