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Being lifelong hemp advocates, we wanted to find a unique way to offer what we’ve experienced through hemp to others. We’re firm believers that everyone can benefit from full spectrum cannabinoid hemp products due to our brains being wired with endocannabinoid receptors.

As we launch our Hemp Direct website carrying high potency cannabinoid products in various forms, we must admit that we are passionate in our being able to do so for anyone and everyone that already knows from experience or has heard a lot about the benefits of Hemp and welcome the challenge of exposing and educating those who haven’t heard about Hemp, yet…

We also had the goal in mind of doing so affordably and with products that are reliable. We’ve personally tried many Hemp products offered through the ever growing number of companies and found Pure Hemp Botanicals products worked best for me as well as for many others. There is much to be said regarding an extraction process that keeps all cannabinoids intact along with product testing that ensures reliability and consistency so you are actually getting what you pay for and then some. It is becoming more and more common for our customers to ask about Full Spectrum Cannabinoids enabling the Entourage Effect.

We offer many unique products making it very easy to decide which one is best for you. Our tinctures are comparable to ones many are familiar with taking such as St John’s Wort and Black Cohosh. These tinctures, in very high demand are occasionally on back order. Coconut infused products are easily palatable and a great delivery system for Hemp products, whether in raw form or encapsulated. Coconut oil is easily one of the best ways of keeping all cannabinoids intact during extraction. Honey infused products are sweet tasting and very popular for those who don’t care for the taste of cannabis, not to mention the super food benefits of honey.

Once again, we’re very excited to have an online platform such as Hemp Direct, making it very easy to provide such beneficial products to all of our ever growing number of customers and we are thrilled to welcome all newcomers to the Hemp Direct experience.


Kevin, Josh and the Hemp Direct team

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