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Is CBD Concentrate/Hash Stronger than CBD Flower?

In short, the answer is a resounding YES! 

Let me break it down:

First of all, to make Concentrate/Hash, you must start with plant material. The Marijuana Industry has long used leftover trim from highly-prized manicured flowers (buds) of the Cannabis plant. This trim has been a great source to further extract from something perceived as having little to no value, when compared to flower, and making it into something whose value gram for gram becomes even more valuable than flower. We’ve discussed the potential benefits of CBD and how to live that blue zone life on this blog before – better sleep, fighting off opioid addiction, treating skin ailments, and more. As the Marijuana Industry has become more competitive, flower has been incorporated into the extraction scene. High end concentrates made from flower are readily available in Medical and Recreational Dispensaries and are called a wide range of names, which tend to refer to the method of extraction used: Rosin, Wax, Shatter, CO2, Hash, Kief and Tinctures are several names given to them. 

CBD Concentrates follow the same concept as illustrated above for Marijuana. The end result, depending on the method of extraction used, can range from roughly 50% CBD to 99.99%! The absolute most CBD I’ve heard of at the time of this writing in any strain of CBD flower is under 25%. From this it is safe to say as a general rule of thumb that any Concentrate is going to be at least twice as strong as any flower. This oversimplifies in that some Concentrates could be more than 4 times as potent when compared to bud. 

Concentrates give the Consumer more options versus Flower: The process of CBD Extraction can activate CBDA into CBD, depending on the method of extraction used. If enough heat is generated, the conversion of inactive CBDA into CBD begins. If an extraction method is more passive and less heating occurs, such as Cold Pressing, some form of heat is required to activate it into useable CBD. Simply put you either have to smoke, vaporize or cook your Concentrate in order to receive CBD from it. Flower, on the other hand, is only in CBDA form and MUST be smoked, vaporized or cooked to get CBD out of it.

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  1. Here is an interesting question, if there is .3 % THC, and someone were to convert their CBD flower into hash. How high of a THC content would they extract? Probably not much, however, would it go above 3-5% THC if CBD flower is converted into hash or butter.

    I live in a legal state, so there is no reason for me to do this, however, I am curious on how this would work.

    1. Great questions Sean! So after last year’s harvest, Kevin did this on a small scale as a test with flower that was 15% CBD and 0.2% THC. The hash ended up testing at 30% CBD and 1% THC, so it was not a legal hemp product at that point in many states to possess.

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