how much is 1000mg

How Much is 1000mg of CBD?

Here at Hemp Direct, our best seller far and away is our 1000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture. The Price Point on this product is a huge driver, not to mention Free Shipping. I wanted to further explain or give some perspective as to how much CBD this actually is in relation to the size of the bottle itself. Our bottles are 1oz in size (30mL), 1000mg of CBD is roughly the equivalent of 1mL. Hempseed Oil makes up the remaining 29mL of space in the bottle. This may seem like a lot of filler, however, pricing is based on actual mg of CBD and dilution such as this makes it easy to accurately administer CBD from the dropper. A full dropper’s worth from our 1000mg tincture is equal to roughly 33.3mg of CBD. A common amount and dosage for our customers to take is around 50mg, this would be about a dropper and a half. Taking this much per day will make a bottle last around 20 days.

Originally we used MCT Coconut Oil as our filler along with the Concentrated Full Spectrum CBD. We decided that it made more sense to use Hempseed Oil instead as it, like CBD, comes from the hemp plant itself.

And there you have it!

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  1. I too would want to know what I am getting and the product’s benefits before I buy it.
    Especially when the product has a high price on it. I’m glad that there isn’t any water! I would want the full benefits of this oil! Thank you for the information!

    -Sue E

  2. I love knowing exactly whats in the products I buy. Thanks for the breakdown on mg and ingredients.


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