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The Truth About CBD 3rd Party Testing

I’ve read excerpts online about how unregulated the CBD Industry is and that there’s no 3rd Party Testing for CBD Products. I’ve also heard claims that CBD is illegal unless it comes from Europe or elsewhere outside the U.S.

The only half-truth in any of this is in regard to a lack of federal regulations at this point in time. The reason being, hemp has yet to become permanently legal nationwide, though legislation is inevitable. All U.S. hemp and its numerous products are, in fact, perfectly legal as long as they come from states with approved Pilot Programs. I see zero reason for a successful, barely blossoming, multi-billion dollar industry for the U.S. economy to do anything, other than to expand, further.

I’m willing to bet there are groups such as pharmaceutical lobbies that are against such expansion but I also doubt there’s much they can do to harm our industry. Sure, if CBD or hemp products in general for that matter had any side effects worth noting or if significant harm was being done to anyone, I’d feel much differently.

The stronger companies in our industry stand out through their own self-regulating policies such as 3rd Party Testing. You, as a consumer, deserve nothing less than your purchased products containing what the label claims. Yes, there have been instances of products being tested independently that have come up short of the label’s claims, some well short, containing as little as zero CBD! Companies such as this tend to fizzle out once exposed and/or given warning letters from the FDA.

Besides not wanting the public to be ripped off, there are other reasons for rigorous 3rd Party Testing. The hemp plant is a most exceptional phytoremediator. Phytoremediation is the use of plants to clean up soil, water and air that is contaminated. An example of this occurred through the planting of hemp around Chernobyl after the disastrous nuclear reaction meltdown in 1986.

3rd Party Testing can determine whether there are toxins or other contaminants present in CBD Products. Without such testing, there’s no way to really know if something harmful exists in these products. I’ve read stories of people getting very sick from CBD imported from China that went untested until after the illness began. I recommend purchasing American-Grown Organic Hemp as one way to avoid this. CBD from other countries tends to be extracted as more of a by-product of Industrial Hemp grown for reasons other than CBD in the 1st place, such as for fiber or food.

American-Grown Hemp is almost entirely strain-specifically grown for CBD. Far less crop needs to be extracted to yield large quantities of CBD versus an exorbitant amount required to yield very little, like it’s done in European Countries and China. Simply put, American-Grown Organic Hemp is considered the highest quality and therefore the most desirable source of CBD in the world.

– Kevin

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  1. I had no idea that hemp plants could be so good for the environment where they are grown! That is very cool!

    -Kellie Clodfelter

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