Better Sleep - CBD and Insomnia

Sleeping Insomnia CBD Hemp Oil

Numerous solutions can help with insomnia, from sleeping pills to tea and even non-alcoholic beer. But have you tried CBD? In this blog post I'll explore common sleep-inducing solutions as well as the potential use and benefits of CBD as a sleep-aid.

There is no rhyme or reason as to the cause of insomnia. Of course we all want to live that Blue Zone life, getting our 6-8 hours of sleep and generally being worry free and happy, but it's not always easy. It is possible that we are unable to sleep at night once in a while, as perhaps a final exam looms large or we're stressed out because of a sales presentation in front of a large group the next day. Any number of reasons can cause one to lose sleep on any given night. However, some of us struggle with sleep more routinely than others, and look to seek ways to help get that full night of rest. That's where alternative medicine can help.

Insomnia, defined as a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep, occurring more frequently than just every so often can be an indicator of a more chronic, underlying condition. Typically, the causes of chronic insomnia tend to be more centered around things such as working a 3rd shift, the taking of certain drugs/medications, stress, or possibly having some sort of other clinical disorder. There are, of course, many other potential causes of long-term insomnia. 

I will say, from experience, people really do try a wide range of products to hopefully enhance their ability to get some sleep. Melatonin is readily available and very commonly used for this. I've noticed that it seems to help for a period of time, say a week or two, but then my body seems to adjust to it or overcome the dosage and it becomes seemingly less effective. It is said to be non-habit forming but I've noticed that when I stop taking it, there tends to be an adjustment period of getting back to being able to simply fall asleep, often taking longer for a few days. I will say that maybe it helps me kind of reset my sleeping pattern to some extent but doesn't seem like a good long-term solution, at least not for me. 

Sleeping Pills have been around for many years - I have noticed more and more people taking Ambien for example. I've also heard stories of people on Ambien doing things they don't remember such as driving a car, calling people they know on the phone and speaking gibberish. It seems the side effects with all sleeping pills are numerous and dangerous outside the confines of one's home. 

Herbal Teas labeled and branded with words such as Sleepytime, Nighty Night or Bedtime are numerous and probably have some positive results for those giving them a try. I guess it becomes a question of which herbs, how much and what is the current sleeping situation for the person drinking the teas? As with anything, one person may receive benefits from their Herbal "Sleepy" Tea of choice while another person may not. 

Consuming Beer, although I'm definitely not recommending doing so for this purpose, has the added benefit of almost always containing hops in some way, shape or form. Hops have been used for centuries to help with sleep issues. Sachets filled with hops and then kept close enough to smell while sleeping is said to help. A Tea Ball filled with hops and steeped in boiling water is an easy way to make tea from hops. Another option when trying to sleep better by using hops is to drink a non-alcoholic beer or two in the hour or two leading up to bedtime. 

Hemp and Hops are actually considered as the most valuable plants on the planet that both come from the same plant family, Cannabaceae. In college my Taxonomy Professor jokingly referred to it as the Beer and Weed family. This was a few years prior to CBD becoming what it is today. Both plants contain cannabinoids, which is also unique in that, although there are other plants containing cannabinoids and terpenes, none are members of the same plant family nor do they contain such a wide range of these components. Plants outside of Hemp or Hops containing a cannabinoid tend to be isolated oddities. 

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you're probably no stranger to the benefits of CBD and natural supplements in general, from fighting opioid addiction to helping with skin ailments. Although I'm not specifically endorsing the usage of CBD as a sleep aid, I commonly will tell customers, especially new ones, to start by using CBD in the evenings, taking one of our tinctures. This is simply because there have been a few sporadic reports of feeling drowsiness by those using CBD during the day. I always suggest that people try to calibrate for themselves the amount of CBD they are using, along with when and how.



  • Sydney Pauken

    I totally believe in CBD oil as an insomnia treatment. Ever since having my daughter I sleep very lightly and lot of times it take me hours to fall asleep after getting on bed. However using CBD helps me to relax and get out of my head. Every night that o use CBD, I’m out in 30 minutes or less!

  • Karen Shelton

    CBD is the only thing other than strong sleeping pills like Ambien that helps me sleep. I have had bad experiences with Ambien so chose years ago not to take anything. Then a friend told me about CBD oil for my fibromyalgia. It helps my pain but I think I’m just as excited (maybe more) that I can sleep!! One dropper is the perfect amount. I’ve found any more than that at night and I can’t sleep. It’s been such a blessing!!

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