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Live a Blue-Zone Life with CBD

Its true, there are places in the world where people tend to live much longer, and  are considered to be some of the healthiest places on the planet. These places are referred to as Blue Zones and include Loma Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan. 6 Common Characteristics seem to contribute directly to this phenomenon - read on to learn more.

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DIY - How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice!

Would you like to know how to combine CBD in your own favorite flavors of E-Liquid for vape products? If so, you've come to the right place! Ok, so we're not all meant to be chemistry majors, but why not have a little fun in your own laboratory trying out something new and exciting? Read on to see what you will need.

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Edibles 101: Cooking with CBD

CBD oils can be a great opportunity for those suffering from chronic pains or anxiety. Even so, not all people like the taste or oily texture that comes from having to take a dosage of the rich earthy flavored extract. That's where edibles can save the day!   By making your own CBD enriched goodies, you will be able to control not only the dosage that works best for your individual needs but also the quality of ingredients to get the most benefits from your cooking.

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